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Theres gotta be a simple solution for this.


Say I set up a render with separate passes of shadows and reflections for comping in AE. What i get is:

one shadow pass

one reflection pass

and (here's the kicker) one pass with image, shadows and reflections.


How the hell do i get a pass that has NO reflections and NO shadows? I never asked for doubles!

I've been dealing with this ever since i started using C4d and always worked around it by rendering several times: once for the separated passes and once more with everything turned off for a "clean plate" but DAGNAMMIT I'VE HAD IT!

What's a boy gotta do??!!


/fed up


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I never asked for doubles!


Well, yes you did... The full render is always done in the regular Save Picture tab.(The usual one).

Multipass handling is done solely in the MultiPass Tab.

So if you only checked shadows and reflections there, that's all you get.

In addition to those, you should check the rest of the passes you want/need.

There is a "Blend" pass option with several checkboxes within. Tick all you need except

shadows and reflections (in this case) and you get an extra pass without them.


In other words, you don't need the regular "Save.." (Other than a reference maybe.)




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