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What's your FAVORITE motion graphics piece EVER?

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They don't have it on theirs so I hosted it on mine:




It ain't art but it always makes me laugh.


That piece is incredibly racist. It's a shameless attempt to mock the rich hip hop culture of African American society. Caricatures like this are part of the problem, not the solution.


Or so I've heard.



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Please post a link if you can find one


Renascent: Archetype




Tröllback: Moonlight In Glory




Download FLV link:



Lobo: Lost Paradise




Justin Harder:



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Impossible to have one favorite.


Anything by MK12 & Belief, Suk & Koch, Prologue, Buck, Psyop. Troika's NFL package is stunning. Attik's "Scion" work is $#@! brilliant.


Here's one in my top 10...I love this one - Psyop's Coca Cola "Happiness Factory":




Also love Buck's "NFL Season Never Ends" spot


http://www.buck.tv/ (work / Broadcast)



...too much to love...gotta go lay down now :blink:



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