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Opening b3d files

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Stop me if you knew this already.


That annoyingly ever-present app by Lemkesoft known as GraphicConverter opens Cinema 4D's .b3d files (aka 'bodypaint 3d' files). Not only that, it'll batch convert them to other formats...while retaining the alpha.


Holy shit. How'd I never know this? I've been waiting for that French guy to update abrviewer to work with OS X.4. This is nice little thing. Why? Because you can render to quicktimes locally (doing it on a farm has always been safe) while being able to sample your images. In fact, it's always been safe to render to quicktimes locally using Net set to 'save b3d files' or whatever that setting is in Server Preferences, running your client rather than rendering through the app itself, and then if your render won't assemble, or you have to stop it, you have the b3d files to start over with (I'd have to play with it to remember the steps involved, but it's not hard to fool Net into recognizing your existing b3d results and not try to re-render frames that've already been rendered). Now you can get more than just that little 32 pixel image preview if you want to see how your render is going.


I needed GraphicConverter to make a .ico file and on a whim decided to test this. But like I said, this has been possible for years, so someone has definitely known about it.

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