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Video Textures?

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Hello all, I am a new member and just learning the ropes in c4d- sometimes cool ideas pop in my head and sometimes ideas that make no sense jump around inside there too- hopefully this one does... Is it possible to use video as a texture on a 3d model- and if not- can a similar effect be achieved? maybe using a sequence of still images or doing it in after effects somehow... all help is is appreciated and mind expanding.


cheeers, Steve

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Welcome serpentbird.

You can use video as a texture in C4D.

A "simple" way is:

- place the sequence frames inside a folder called "Tex" in the same path of your C4D archive.

- in C4D, create a plane with the same proportion as your image sequence.

- create a new material by double clicking in a blank space of the Material Manager and assign it to the plane.

- edit this new material. Deactivate "Color" and "Specular" checkboxes and activate the "Luminance" one.

- Select "Luminance" click on the "Texture" arrow and select "load image", then select the first frame of your video sequence.

- to activate the animation you must click on the gray bar with the path and name on your image, then select the "Animation" tab.

- in the lower part, type in your start frame, end frame and frame rate.

- in the upper part you have several options but basically, if you select Mode -> Simple and Timing -> Range, bellow you can define in which frame (of your C4D animation) the video starts playing (range start)

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You´re wellcome serpentbird.

By the way, last week imcalledandy showed me how to preview the video in the viewport. It will help you too:


"Double click the material with the animated texture. In the material manager go to the Illumination tab and check "Animate Preview". (It's off by default)"


Now, as you scrub the timeline, the video updates in the object

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