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C4D Net Render wireless through router

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I was able to set up my net render this week- T-support emailed me these instructions (thanks Maxon) and I have found them helpful so I will re edit this message and leave them with Mograph.net for future NET Render setup inquiries.




...from Maxon


Revert your system back to where you had it previously. I am not sure of what you changed trying to

make that direct connection, so I am trusting you to remember what you have done to it. Basically,

you need to revert it back to "out of the box" defaults.


Once you have done so, the router portion of this setup is completed. Next we need to setup your

machines. Choose two port numbers for which you will run your net render server and client,

normally it will be 8080 and 1080. In actuality, you can choose whatever numbers you would like as

long as it doesn't conflict with another program on your machine. Mac's have a nasty habit of

closing down programs that are using a port that another program is using.


You need to now take those two ports and in your Mac firewall create new connections. You can get

to your firewall settings by going into system preferences\sharing\ firewall. Click the New button,

change the port dropdown menu to other, type in 8080 in both TCP and UDP fields, and type in a

short description "Net Render Server". Click new a second type and repeat the previous step but

changing the port numbers to 1080 and the description to "Net Render Client". Repeat these two

settings to both your laptop and your G4.


Just to test whether or not your computers are able to communicate, you need to open up your

terminal window. The terminal is located in Applications\Utilities\Terminal. We need to find the IP

address for the other machine, by going into System Preferences\Network. On the main page it should

list the IP address for that specific machine on your network. Write the IP down. (If you setup

your router properly, it should say something along the lines of 192.168.0.XXX). Go back to your

other machines terminal window and type in "ping 192.168.0.xxx" the xxx stands for the IP that you

wrote down. If the computers are communicating properly, the terminal should say along the lines of

"64 bytes from 192.168.0.xxx : and some other jargon". If the computers are not communicating

properly, it should say " Ping: Send to: Host is down".


If everything is working properly, this is the end of the networking setup

•••I used the network utility to ping and everything worked fine there)APPLICATIONS>Utilities>Network Utility

instead of the Terminal as was suggested above.



Net render setup:


Make sure that Cinema 4d XL + Mograph is installed on both machines. This is to make sure that you

have all the modules installed properly. If you are wondering about licensing problems, don't worry

about it. The second installation is only for Net Render purposes only and it has its own licensing



Launch Net Server on one machine and the client on the other. On the Net Render Server go to

File\Network Settings. Type in the IP address for the server machine as well as 8080 for the server

port and save and close down Net Server completely. Repeat the same steps for the client machine,

with the change of putting 1080 into the client port field. Make sure that you save and close out

of Net Render. Relaunch both server and client, cross your fingers, and server should say new

client found while the client will say server found.


If everything is working properly, you are done.

======================================================================================== :)

Edited by eric

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