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Guest jack pfeiffer

Two JOB Listings Websites - Both Internatinonal and USA.....

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Guest jack pfeiffer

Hi All


Here are two websites with jobs listings...



www.mandy.com (USA & International)


www.productionhub.com (USA only)



1) What is the Mandy’s International Film and TV Production Directory?

the Mandy's International Film and TV Production Directory is a web-based resource for professional service-providers in Film, TV and Multimedia. The aim of the mandy website is to provide free, up-to-date, easily accessible data and infomation. Mandy's is published by Lighthouse Internet Ltd. and was started in 1995 by brothers John Hoare (a cameraman) and Charles Hoare (a software designer.) The name "Mandy's" is in gratitude to a "certain Internet widow!"

Mandy's provides FREE SERVICES, including:

-Services Directory: A database with search engine of territories and categories to find the services you need. To be included in the list, fill in a simple form. Your listings will be links to your website. If you don't have one, we offer a free homepage hosting service.

-Jobs: INTERNATIONAL listing of current film/tv production job vacancies, all searchable by skill and location/area. Get on the email listing to be sent this info weekly.

-Classified Ads: Trade your used broadcast/film equipment.

-Film Market: Films and TV Programs for sale. It assists independent producers find niche sales in our fragmenting marketplace.

-More... It is ALL at http://www.mandy.com


2) Another great website for USA JOB LISTINGS (both Film & TV, Production & Post-Production) They have at LEAST 200+ Jobs listed at all times...




Best O Luck...



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Guest jack pfeiffer

You just need to DIG FURTHER....


Mandy.com DOES have Job Listing in EUROPE!!!


Check it out directly at:




There are currently 100 jobs listed in England, Wales, Scotland, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, France, Russia and Finland . . . .





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Guest Sweet&Sour

I usually have a look at the job board at designinmotion.com and highend2d.com as well. :) International job listings on both.


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