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Online auto-tracing tool

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Hey guys just found this link while browsing around some blogs. Check out this page...


Vector Magic


What it is, is an online app that allows you to upload bitmap images in most of the standard formats and it will convert it to vector. It's amazing, the best I've seen, its better than Live Trace...I tried both photos, and logos and the photos dont come out great. They still look awesome but not spectacular. But logos come out UNBELIEVABLE. Seriously if you have ever had one of those clients that provide you with a rasterized version of their logo that is only 200x200 pixels and wants you to put it in a HD resolution video animation...its honestly one of my biggest pet peeves. I took a logo off my companies site. It was a rasterized JPEG that was 180x200 and put it through that thing and dropped it into photoshop and it looks like I just got the logo from the designer. I scaled it up to 1000x1000 so I have a high res vector logo for future use. It works great!


Check out their example section and see what it did on some logos...its legit.

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