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[PR] AE Expressions #2 - Now Available

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I hope y'all are cool with the spammy post. I've given up oodles of free expression stuff here, so now's my time to indulge. :)


The follow up to the AE Expressions series is now available!


This second series dives deeply into randomness, text strings & source text, if/else, expression controls, markers, layer in/out points, linear functions, and lots more.


This second series is about 90 minutes in length and comes with Quick Reference PDF guides that summarize all of the concepts and terminology covered in the lessons. Also included are text files of the expressions used for copy/paste purposes, as well as the compositions and source files for each lesson.




Click here to see a 5 minute example


Visit Toolfarm.com to check out the series.

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Congratulations, Harry.

I watched the first part and it was really, really good. Just to make it evident once more that there are always interesting things to learn!

Nice work.


Thanks!! And just so everyone knows, I've posted a 5 minute sample of Volume 2, showing portions of each lesson so you can get the feel for everything.


Here's the link:


http://www.graymachine.com/downloads/promoAEX2.mov (this is 800x600. The real version is 1024x768)


So far, very very good feedback on both of these training series. (I'd mention that I've not gotten a single piece of bad feedback so far, but I don't want to curse it).


Also, if you are in Chicago this week, stop by Digital Kitchen and say hi. I'll be in town working the DK until the 22nd.



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