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RenderTITAN now available ~ 25¢ per GHz hour

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I have some exciting news for the 3D community. RenderTITAN’s remote rendering service is now available and we support Cinema 4D and all of Maxon plug-ins. We also fully support "VRay for Cinema 4D". We are also expanding our list of supported applications and render engines for the studios that use multiple solutions for different stages of production.


RenderTITAN’s render farm is about versatility, ease and affordability. We give all customers free 24/7 support. Our render farm has a CINEBENCH score rated over 1.1 million! We achieve this with 64bit support, dual Quad-Core Xeons and 8GBs of ram standard. We even have a 100MBs FTP Backbone Internet Connection and options for physical deliveries such as HDD / DVD / Blu-ray, etc…


The biggest news is that all of this is only 25¢ per GHz hour. No pricing games, no load sharing or paying for packages that forces you to work on somebody else’s schedule. Our invoices also show which render nodes worked on your project and record your time logs. You can even monitor your budget in real time so you can estimate you billing and progress.


Watch our site for new announcements. If you have any questions, or requests for features, feel free to ask or email me at info@rendertitan.com. (Please send your “Support” questions to my very capable staff.) I also attached our Press Release.


I hope to hear from you soon,

Mark Alameel




Our Advance Render Farm Specifications

Render 64bit (or 32bit) - Dual Quad-Core Xeons - 8GBs Ram standard

CINEBENCH 1.1million

Free 24/7 live phone support

100 Mbs Backbone Internet Connection

HDD / DVD / Blu-ray – optional physical shipping available


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Guest Sao_Bento
How do you calculate the price? I mean i always had problem to get a quote for my projects. Do you have and example or something?

Thank you!

It says .25¢ per Ghz Hour, so using 4 2Ghz processors costs a dollar an hour.

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Guest Sao_Bento
Shouldn't you charge by the 'flop' instead of GHZ?

But then you'd have a floating point rate. Kind of like those adjustable rate mortgages that are working out so well :)

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