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Rob M

C4D > After Effects

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Hi Guys,


Ok, not sure I'll ask the right questions, I'm no expert in either program, so...


I have an animation in C4D. I want to be able to slow it down (a bit like bullet time) and then for it to go back to normal speed.

I could animate the slow down in C4D, or I could do it in After Effects with time remapping? Obviously if I do this, frames will be missing so it feels jerky.


The reason I would like to do it like this is that I want to have control later on, and the rendering is pretty heavy.

So would it be possible to render out at 50fps and use these extra frames to help smooth out the motion?


I've done the above, but when I bring it in to AE.. How do I go about using the 50fps at 25fps with the slight slow down?


Hmm... Hopefully this makes sense :)



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Rendering at 120 is good--you can also use the time warp effect in AE to keyframe your time remapping. Timewarp functions much like the old revision effects Twixtor. Does a very good job with frame blending in many situations.

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