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Rob M

C4D - Rendering Multi Objects + Reflections?

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Hi Guys,


Today I'm trying to render out a series of lens (like what you would get in a camera lens)

I'm trying to render them out seperatly, but I'd like to keep the reflections.

Obviously if I turn off the other layers and render out one lens at a time, it has nothing to bounce the light from.


I've tried multipass - and adding an Compositing tag & object buffer to each lens - but this again forgets the reflection.

If I add the reflection to the multi pass, it comes in as one piece of data, not separated by the lens surfaces


I'm in a little bit over my head, so if anyone could help me out that would be great :)


I've added the file here if you wanna take a look http://download.yousendit.com/ED07371C2D311D91




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If you want to render one lens at a time, but with all the reflections, refraction and transparency of the other lenses... disable "Seen by Camera" on the Compositing tag of the lenses you don't want to see.



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