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it appears to no be worth it unless you are on 10.5.3


spotlight problems, random shutdowns


additional issues


black magic issues




from mac in touch



1) Spaces would not recognize key combination for spaces > 4. ie. Control-9 would not switch to space 9. Deleting spaces > 4 and recreating them (ie. going to a 2x2 grid then back to a 3x3) solved the problem.


2) 10.5.4 has not cured the inability of the Mac Pro to automatically sleep after a certain amount of time.


3) 10.5.4 seems to be performing somewhat more slowly than 10.5.3.


One thing that 10.5.4 did *not* address was the inability for users of managed accounts (i.e. parental controls) to access the iTunes Store home page. This is something that was broken in 10.5.3. While still possible to search the iTunes store, you don't have access to any of the features on the home page, like redeeming iTunes cards.


10.5.4. - First Takes


Just installed 10.5.4 Safari particularly has slowed substantially. Just the other day I was marveling at how snappy it was, that's now history lots of bottlenecking on new page loading.


In addition, TextEdit documents do not remember their closing positions when reopened.


10.5.4. seems a bit more sluggish than previous system.

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