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Hey guys n gals,

I'm presently working on learning how to light a scene w/ a logo i have. I like what i have going right now, however i'd like to be able to increase the brightness of the txt a more whiter tone than grey.


View here:



Example of what i am aiming for:






I have 3 point light setup and i am using GI.

As for my material i am using 'Danel' with my color and spec set to white. So how would i make this logo more white instead of grey.

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tried luminance?

adding a sky?

adding a hdri lighting sphere?

increasing light brightness?

changing light colour?

adding another light?

changing light type?

changing light placement and direction?

rendering with only one light visible at a time so you can see exactly what effect each light is having?

what about some post adjustment?


and so on.


there's no "make white button" ... unless you make one.

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I will dare to pull the string since Im just waiting for a render anyway...


My whitey-white formula--


color---white 100%

luminance---white 100%

diffusion---with "affect luminance checked (and maybe specular and reflection unchecked if you want metallic sheen to show up) brought down to about 50 or 60% depending on lighting in scene (as ratbaggy touches on)


then if you want metallic--I go with a nice high contrast hdri in my env. channel, a bit of real reflection and a super high/thin specular

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I've worked on stuff for the NFL network and the materials have a color, reflection and specular turned on for most of the stuff. And to get the shiney highlight is just a reflection card. Depending on the scene you can have 1-3 lights and you might want to turn off specular on one and turn it down. We haven't run across anything that needs GI turned on.

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The samples you have posted also look like they have a heavy helping of post AE work done on them. All a 3d render is just the bones, the skin is added in post. The subtle colour shifts and glows are gong to be easier for you to do in AE.

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