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New 3D Matte Paint Extraction in C4D R11 Tutorial!

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Hello mograph world!

I come again with a new title for Cinema 4D exploring some of the amazing new features in Cinema 4D R11!

Have you ever asked yourself how in the world they could do those impressive highly realistic environment scenes on movies like Star Wars, King Kong,or the Lord of The Rings?

Well, the short answer is, Matte Paintings!

It is one of the oldest techniques used in the VFX world.

While it started as oil paintings with cameras filming layers of glass 100 years ago it evolved to adapt to today's technology.

We bring you the key to unlock this technology with one of the brilliant pieces of software written to date.


This new video lesson is called 3D Matte Paint Extractions in C4D and there is also a free tutorial at cmiVFX which is a bonus vid from the development of this material.





Hope you all enjoy a lot!


Cheers from Brazil,



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I bought it yesterday and it looks fantastic. Only on part 3 but man this is my favorite C4D video you guys have there. Great work. I hope you will make more Projection Man/Matte painting tutorials in the future for CMIVFX.



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