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c4d stick camera/frontal projection

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woah hey. been forever.


so anyway.


i got this accordion in the 3rd dimension. its gonna be part of a transition of sorts. basically the last frame of a quicktime will fade into that same frame being projected on the squishy fan stretchy part of the accordion and then (with your help) it will stick there, then the accordion will squish in and the texture will deform and squish as the accordion squishes..


the only way i can really seem to get the texture to match up with the frame of the qt is by frontal or camera projection. but they dont stick. so when the accordion squishes it just stays there all unsquished and it looks wack.


if that makes any sense is there anyway to do that. its giving me a headache. any help or painkillers will be gratuitously accepted.




ps crabbey is going to see ani defranco

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Stick Texture tags don't work with Frontal Projections.


Generating UVW coordinates is a decent solution to get you moving forward... but not if you need to maintain the projection of the texture through a sequence of deformations. You probably also noticed some distortion of the texture projection when you generated the UVs (probably just a little) the finer the polygon mesh... the better the mapped result.


It all depends on what your overall goal is, but there are a variety of other solutions.


One is to place your camera in the perspective from which you would like to apply the frontal projection and change your texture to a camera projection. Duplicate your current camera, call it "TextureCam", make it a child of your target object, and use *that* camera as the camera link in your texture tag. If your project demands it... you can use your main camera as the source object in your texture tag and then keyframe it to switch to your TextureCam at the very point that you want your texture to "stick".



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