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Freelance Mographers Group

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Freelance Motion Graphics Designers & Animators Group on LinkedIn





Full-time freelance designers, animators, 3d artists working in the field of motion graphics.



1. Networking & Collaborating (You never know when you'll need help on a project.)

2. Convenient place for producers, heads of companies to find qualified full-time freelancers for the right job.

3. Dialogue - share your freelance experiences with others, improving the overall working conditions.


Please join only if you are working full-time as a freelancer with at least 2 years of experience in the field. All members who no longer freelance should discontinue their group membership.



Thank you.

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not trying to hijack the thread, but is anyone here a member of this:




or have any experience with it. saw the quickie on motionographer and had never heard of it.


Yes, I'm a member. Cheap health insurance available through them. Not great health insurance, but if you are healthy and don't have prescriptions/regular doctor visits, it's worth it.

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