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Imagineer / AENY 90% DISCOUNT!!!

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Hey folks,

Sorry for the commercial interruption.... but this is some news that people have asked about and the discount ends tomorrow!


Imagineer and AENY is excited to offer you this limited "recession fighting, wall street crashing" discount promotion on our planar tracking, removal and rotoscoping tools.


If you have never checked out these tools, this movie is a great one to watch: http://www.imagineersystems.com/support/tutorials/movies/


For the month of October: 90% of monet, mokey, mocha or motor!




Visit Imagineer's on-line shop http://www.imagineersystems.com/store/index.html to buy your discounted license.


1) Add a mokey, monet or motor nodelocked license to the cart

2) Go to Checkout

3) Fill in the customer information page

4) On the order details page add the following coupon code: AENY_IMAGINEER

5) On the summary page, enter the Host ID of the workstation you want to run the software on.


To qualify for discount, you must a freelancer, student or from a company with 3 or less employees. Larger companies that abuse the promotion will force us to stop the promo!


Offer expires: October 31, 2008


Please email with any questions: rosss@imagineersystems.com

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Sorry it doesn't. mocha-AE is now renamed "mocha for After Effects" and ships for free with CS4!


motor for $160 is a pretty awesome deal for a very solid roto utility.


does this include MochaAE, and if so, does that mean it's only $30 USD?



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