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AE Adjustment Layer Question

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Is this possible the achieve this set up with expressions?


1. Adjustment Layer - Effect A

2. solid1 - Effected A

3. solid2 - Effected A

4. Adjustment Layer - Stop Effect A

5. Adjustment Layer - Effect B

6. solid3 - Effected B

7. solid4 - Effected B


I am in a situation where I can't precomp because I need everything to be visible from one comp.


If it is possible can anyone point my brain in a direction get to get this achieved.

Thanks for looking.


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I don't think you can call out effects with expressions and connect them to certain layers. But, you could:


- apply the same effect to both layers and drive both instances of the effect with one expression slider.

- precomp and use expressions to tie necessary properties of the precomped layer to null or reference layers in the main comp.


thats about all i can think of.

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You can either use the effects on the layers themselves, not as an Adjustment Layer, or use track mattes on the adjustments layers themselves: i.e. Pre-Comp Solid 1+ 2 and use that Pre-Comp as an Alpha Inverted Track Matte for Adjustment Layer B

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