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++++ apsits showreel 2008 ++++

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"In times when economic suck so deep

only animation + sex + illustration can save the world"

- Johnny Depp, actor


"Ohhh Gisesss! We are so deep in shit!

Our last hope is CG & good montage."

- Atys Slakteris, finance minister of Latvia


"And all we are saying is give animation a chance. Yeeah!"

- John Winston Lennon, dead yet


More about economics:








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A lot of really interesting work in there. Some really intriguing moments.

A few observations:

- Some of the work seems so dense with detail that it's being held back by the small format. Nothing you can really do about that really, but perahps removing some of the textured overlays, dust, and scratches, at least for the real to help some of that detail show through.

- The music felt out of place. A lot of the work, especially at the beginning, has a very surreal quality to it and the track you chose is a little mundane by comparison.

- Generally things feel a little slow. At first I thought that it was just the work, but as I watched it became clearer that the shots drag on a little long sometimes (particularly the yellow orchard). Adding some energy through tighter editing will really help with the impact.

Good stuff!

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