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hello mograph people..


i hope you guys can help me out a little bit


what i have:



clones in it (for example let`s say 100, cloned on a plane with 10x10 division)

random effector spreads clones in x anz z position

one null-object as a target


what i want to achieve:


those clones, that come closer to the target object, defined by a certain value ( if the difference in z- position of a clone and the target is lower than e.g. 10 or so..)

have to fade in / out ( control the transparancy, visibility.. or something like that), or change texture would also be great...


Today i got some good results with the data node, range mapper ... and so on..

but only for one single clone - because in the data node properties you say which indexed clone mograph has to read out values from, that you can pass through the range mapper to something else...


i really think that this xpresso-circuit is not so complicated as i go for it maybe.


plz help me out, i am in the middle of a one way street I`m afraid


thank you so far


best from germany

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Just a thought, since I don't know exactly how you want it to look, but could this be achieved with a proximal shader? It seems to me that if you want it to fade (or change textures) based on distance that this might be an easy way to go. I haven't tried it so I could be way off.


Also, I seem to remember a c4d project file posted a while back based on a similar idea where "cards" would fade in/out using a cloner and offset. You might search for something to that effect.



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hello rva8


but you are right. i used proximal before with half-good results.. the setup was like this...


i have a magazine in A4 Dimensions. This one is setup from cubes. e.g. 21 in width, 29 in height.

i put the picture of the cover of the magazine on the cloner object, flat-mapping, stick texture set to on in clone-object.

in the alpha channel or the transparancy channel of this texture lies the proximal shader, definined in there my target.

the clones are spreading anywhere all over space from the random effector.



and as the clones which have just another texture come closer to the target, the alpha of the cover texture becomes smaller and smaller from the proximal that

the covertexture which is in the cloer itself overlays the orange clones...


the problem then was that i had only a circular area on the clone object where the texture was visible. this is because of proximal i think

where yoz can only specify a circular gradient....

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thank you very much for the file


i managed to achive similar effect...

i now just did it with the color tab in the effctor. this changes my clone color from a loaded picture to a color or v.v. when


it reaches the fallof of the effector.

i was not what i originally intented to do but for my purposes it`s ok now....


but anyway.. until now 147 users have read my question und there have been just 2 users with an idea..

seems that the thing i want to do isn`t so easy with the mograph data note.... or is it?


maybe it was not challenging enough for some of you, because i just don´t see thats it´s even very very simple and basic?

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