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Quick question on Color leak transition effect/Feed back on Opening Title WIP

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Hey guys,


I've been surfing the web the whole day, and still can't find anything on the Color leaking/bleed effect..

Much like the old film look i guess?


I see it being used a lot for a wide range of subjects.


Here's an example of what I'm talking about (much kudos to luke.paul.trevitt for an excellent real):



At about 0:16/0:17 he uses the old film look with a yellow and red color (leak? burn?) transition.

I've been trying to fiddle around AE the whole day but still can't find a nice way to pull it off.

I'm almost done with a project I've been working on,

I would like to add these said effects on the project before finalizing it.


Here's a rough cut of what I've done so far:




Any comments and feedback would be much appreciated.



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Yeah. Prob artbeats or similar. Its film rollout. The end of the roll does this and I am sure there is a million examples of it. Gets all orange and yellow. You could probably just simulate it with a few solids in AE set to Overlay, Soft Light or maybe even a Hard Light combo.

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I agree, you could probably achieve a very similar look with ramps and solids with various blending modes.


Is this the surfer piece you had mentioned in a previous post? I think you were looking for advice about preplanning and boarding a project like this?

How did the process go?


A few comments on where it is at the moment;

Some of the frames are starting to look a little cluttered and are feeling closed-in. When one thinks of surfing there's generally a feeling of scale and just how small people are compared to how large the ocean is. If there was a way to open up the frame a little bit I think things would become clearer. Specifically you've got a lot of stuff coming in from the top and sides of the frame which really puts the squeeze on the rest of the content.

The music is pretty smooth and the concept of surfing is all about flow but yet the camera feels kinda spastic. Look into smoothing out the camera's motion. It seems to be following a pattern of entering the scene and then suddenly bouncing around without much easing.

The handwritten type could be appropriate for the style, but each frame has so many loud, textured, elements that the names start to feel lost. Don't forget that if everything is loud then nothing is loud. It's all about contrast.


Good to see that you're making good headway with the project and I hope you come up with a solution for the effect you're looking for!

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