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mason dixon

Atlanta Motion Graphics Festival 2009

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Atlanta Motion Graphics Festival 2009

New Motion + New Sound + New Code

Atlanta, GA :: July 11-12





On July 11th and 12th the Atlanta Motion Graphics Festival showcases explosive artists and motion picture creators. Artists being showcased include: Shepard Fairey, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Chuck D of Public Enemy, KRS-One, Addictive TV, Digital Kitchen, The Mill, Passion Pictures, Animal Logic, Post Panic, Dvein, David Lobser and more.


The ATL-MGFest will be hosting workshops and lectures about the shift in motion-picture audiences and explores the new technologies that motion designers will need on the video internet frontier. Motion design, sound design and interactivity, are all featured during July 11th and 12th, with daytime workshops at Atlanta's Adobe Certified Training Facility, Sterling Ledet. Evening screenings and live performances will be hosted at Atlanta's Internationally-renowned portfolio school, Creative Circus.


This festival in the fast moving field of design technology has opened it's Art & Entertainment events for only $7. Rather than charging the typical $500-$1500 conference fee, the Motion Graphics Festival encourages participants to stop complaining about the economy, and spend their money on something that will upgrade their tools, technique and aesthetics. Software, DVDs and music will be available at a discount rate throughout the festival week.


MGFest Sponsors include: Maxon, IdN, Livid Instruments, Lumen Eclipse, SXSW Interactive, Stash DVD Magazine, Create Digital Motion, All City Technology, Future Media Concepts, DigiEffects, VidVox, Sterling Ledet, Creative Circus, Boris FX, Resolume, Toolfarm, UnScene, GarageCUBE, Lift Motion Design, RE:Vision Effects, Ableton, Wondertouch & Clif Bar.


Silent Auction for over $18,000 in software, DVDs and training materials.


.: MGFest Schedule + Registration :: http://www.MGFest.com

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