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The Inspiration Thread

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I like turning to books and book covers when thinking of type ideas...


I found this today: http://www.microtyp.org

Nice use use of GoogleMap-like tech.


Also, if you haven't checked it out yet, head over to the Happy Birthday Penguin website. If you fancy some of the covers, there's also an anthology of Penguin covers called Penguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005.


While we're on the subject of book covers... http://covers.fwis.com


To round it all off:



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ah crap, I knew Emmanuel Ho was from my hometown, but I didn't know the guy's younger than me...I give up :unsure:


i think he was/is 27... maybe he'll ring in and say-- i know he's here, watching.

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Hi all,


A long time lurker finally says hi.


Saw this yesterday evening, was pretty blown away by it. You gotta adminire the passion that guy has for this work.





While I also like a man who speaks with passion, I feel like this guy is a bit of a fraud. He speaks of economy in design and yet he spends 1 million dollars to develop a chair. Having a truly economical design means including economy in your design process as much as your design. I love organic pattern and I find it's and endless well of inspiration, but one has to be careful to learn from it's process as much as its final result.


Incidentally, I just saw another TED video for Photosynth and Seadragon... two new Microsoft acquisitions. Pretty dope.



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Hi M!


Let me offer my point of view to the "fraud". I dont really know Mister Lovegrove ( the name! ) and i dont want to defend his actions. But what i find great about this is that he really gives a sh*t about costs and or effort to realize his ideas.

Now dont get me wrong, 1.3 mil how ever that was spent to create the chair is a hilarious, but its awesome to see that he had a vision and ran with it.

I guess everybody had jobs where they went ( or had to go ) the easy way instead of ( if possible ) go for there vision, and at least in my case, if that happens too often i have to snap myself out of that habit. So in this case, i have a high respect for the nagging he probably had to get thou to get the budget for that chair.


Have a nice day

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here's a doc I was working on 2 years ago, about to come out, We all emulate graffiti these days, this doc really gets you thinking about the cost of graffiti and what it means to those who create it.




wish we had all the extra footage, some of the interviews that I know where cut just hurt to not have any more, they were all soo good. Watching people talk about what they do, but they are soo fearful of persecution, they are heavily masked, and voice is modulated, just so they can create ART. I have a whole new respect for graffiti and art than I did.


oh edit-not getting any money from this, i left to project do to school and time scheduling.

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