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NAS (network attatched storage) suggestions?

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so i need more space to store things on, naturally. i also want to have a good backup. as i'm sure all of you have these issues. they're separate things, but in a similar enough scope to address a NAS in the same topic. ideally i think it'd just to be nice to have to wirelessly access things via my laptop and retrieve files while at a job from my home's cheap server substitute.


drobo's look super slick. $$$ though & and no ehternet connect to their wireless network adapter. so all its doing is

drobo >adapter w/ usb2 then

adapter> router w/ ethernet


i picked up netgear turbo storage unit. but i needed a pc to maintain and set it up. ( didn't want to rely on parrallels, bootcamp, whatever....) i use vmware and have found that its just not 100% dependable. so i returned without even trying to set it up through vmware windows. http://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-SC101T-Stora...o/dp/B000O8KHTC

scored it @ $70. just the chassis


returned, picked up sans digital 2bay chassis. ~$190. price difference is mac support...?


not mounting/showing in my network connections, awaiting tech service to call back. wasn't impressed w tech support. its been a few days and i can't manage to mount it, but i can connect to it via web interface oddly enough. (still doesn't seem like its mainly meant for macs but likely doable) ie the software provided for ip configuration is an exe. so i decided to run it in vmware: windows xp.


basically, not confident in my purchase and i'm seeing if anybody else has gone through this NAS search for a basic, reliable remedy

thinking i can maybe just do the update to leopard and run bootcamp to fix that minor reliability issue but i have a feeling i'd end up losing on out some kind of mac compatibility somewhere w/ the NAS.



thx for any help


ps- first post in years!

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I think if you want something that will work well/be fast/reliable and be used for FTP/backups - you probably want to look at a RAID 5 or 6 system that has a processor to handle the workload. Two drives are not enough to make it work well in a RAID 5 setup.


Take a look at the QNAP TS-509 pro. Its not cheap. $900 before storage at NewEgg. Gets good reviews. Fast. If you want to go really cheap, I'm sure Seagate/Maxtor or Western Digital have a 2 drive setup available. LaCie too, if you trust their enclosures.


here is a great resource for NAS. They even have a section somewhere on there about building your own, cheap RAID 5 NAS if you want to tread down that road: http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/component/o..._nas/Itemid,190

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