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Avid DS Editor (1335)

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THE JOB:Currently accepting resumes for an Avid Editor

THE PLACE:StudioZ in Beautiful, sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Welcome to Studio-Z.... the well oiled, ever growing, results oriented, state of the art, multi-million dollar production facility of one of the largest and fastest growing advertising agencies in the world.

Here at Studio-Z, our team prides itself on the 2 Q's, QUALITY & QUANTITY; producing nearly 2000 radio and TV spots every month. And our team is just that...a team!!! We work as one unit... one family... towards one common goal... giving our clients the best that creativity has to offer.

Be prepared to challenge yourself, rise to new levels of production, and achieve a standard of excellence that only the most touted studios across the globe can adhere to. You are applying to join this elite group of editors, engineers, and graphic artists because of your creative versatility and ability to adjust to any situation; a key component in dealing with over 200 account personnel servicing our clients at Zimmerman Advertising from across the country. Are you ready to shine.

We ARE the best that creativity has to offer... creativity that stimulates all the senses. Are you prepared to join Studio-Z!!!


Overall Objective: The objective of the The Avid DS Editor position must fulfill the following requirements on a daily basis with the technical ability to operate all areas of the Avid DS (version 7.6) proficiently.

The responsibility of the Avid DS editor / designer is to satisfy all of the post-production needs of our larger clients to the upmost capacity and beyond. This includes producing a scope of work above a national level on a day-to day basis and striving to always top what was accomplished days past.

General Duties:Creative directorial from an editing standpoint. The ability to trim, shift or suggest changes in copy or treatment of a spot to its best execution.Pre-production visualization including but not limited to coordination with various directors on all editorial and visual effects driven aspects of a shoot. Possibly providing any saving post techniques so more time can be saved on set.Music search: Ability to find national level music that will fit each spot like a glove

Specific Duties:


Creative editorial and design: Being able to make quick and sound decisions for any body of work without the assistance of a producer / art director. Essentially the ability to combine the editorial driven duties of those positions into your own.

Compositing and effects work both in 2D and 3D including intense roto- scoping and scene cleanup.

Knowledge and use of after-market filters and effects in DS.

Strong communication skills a must.

Motion design capability a must.

Type design capability a must.

Sound editing. A strong music background is always a preference...since timing is everything.

Bottom line, must be solution driven.


Required Skills:

Bachelor's degree in Motion Graphics/Editing, Advertising, or equivalent, relevant experience.

5 + years experience as a video editor.

Ability to successfully handle multiple tasks and prioritize as needed.

Willingness to work flexible schedules and work under deadlines.

Software Requirements:Graphics design on the following applications: Avid DS, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, SynthEyes. Sound Design To Picture: Sound effects search and implementation, including possible Foley work.

Able to edit/composite using Avid/DS

Able to create grapics work within the edited spots



Work with nationally recognized talent.

Work with premier regional and national clients.

Gain the knowledge and experience you will need to grow in the industry.

Excellent benefits package including full medical, paid vacation, holidays & sick/PTO, 401(k) to name a few.


Please apply online at:


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