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Clients that don't pay

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Can you all tell me the Collection Agency that you used or did you just randomly choose one?


I did work for a school called Video Symphony in Burbank, CA and still have not been paid (almost $3,000).

Small claims options expire at one year and that deadline is approaching.


Thanks for any help you can give me.

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I don't know if this will help, but.


Several years ago when I was working as a photographer for a very large corporation, the project spanned a few months and I was not able to get payed in installments.

I used a factor. A factor is a company that will take your invoice and pay you a percentage upfront. The one I used allowed me to invoice the client myself and remit the fee to them when I got payed. If I had a problem with getting payed they would go after the client and get the money themselves, acting on your behalf.

Their fee was 5% if the invoice was payed in 30 days, 10% if it went past 30 and 15% if they had to go after the client. A lot cheaper than the credit card interest that I would have had to have payed, and I didn't have to worry about payment (at least I got 50% up front). I also didn't submit the invoice to the factor till 15 days after I sent the client the invoice, giving the client 45 days to pay and possibly saving 5% fee.


Maybe it's time to start a new business B)



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