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RAMANIP PRO: released for free.

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Heads up: free frame cycler / ram playback.

doesn't do EXR, which is a bummer, but its not bad.


FRAMANIP PRO is now FREE! This 64-bit animation and image viewer is designed for 3D animators. It displays individual frame sequences in real time with many options.


Display any BMP / TGA / TIF / PNG / JPG / JPEG2000 sequence at any FPS.

The length of the sequence you can play is only limited by the amount of RAM (64-bit version).

Display a sequence at a lower / higher definition than its native definition.

Play the sequence forward / backward in a loop, in a window or on a black background.


Ultra-fast browsing through the sequence by CTRL+click-dragging the mouse.

Display the sequence frame by frame with mouse wheel, arrow keys or PageUp/Down keys.

Display the sequence every nth frame to speed up browsing (Shift Scroll).

Go directly to the first frame, the last frame or any frame in between, by number or time-code.

Display in real time the current fps, name, number, definition and time-code of each frame.


Display the maximum fps achievable on the used computer (benchmark mode).

Increase or decrease the display speed progressively when the sequence is playing.

Show a mosaic of the entire animation on one or several screens. The user can choose the number of frames / thumbnails to display per row, the increment between frames, to display or not the names of the frames, and to save the mosaic screen as a .JPG image.



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