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Motion Blur in POST [RSMB?]

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Hi everyone.


In my current project, I'm at a point that I'm doing the final touches.

I want to add motion blur to a single element (which includes several pieces of glass) moving from camera to the screen.

Scene is fairly a fast scene, so some pieces get visible very fast (like the problematic big chunk).


The problem is, I'm using RSMB to give the blur and it sometimes behaves weird at certain points (when big pieces get shown) and do weird blurrings.


Is there any way to change the effect so that it does the correct thing ?


I tried to play with the "track frame", didnt solve anything.




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that particular kind of shot would benefit greatly from some or ball of the following:

- outputting motion vectors for use with rsmb pro

- rendering at 3x or more the framerate than your final will be. this gives rsmb more frames to glean visual data from. though the bump in render times may not be much more beneficial than just rendering with moblur in 3d.

- render with a little room outside of the frame so you can crop in a little in ae, since the rsmb frame edges can get a little weird.


best of luck and hope this somehow helps.

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