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Oh my God! It's the Showreelarchive

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Hi guys,


I'm new here and would like to show you









If you would like to see your reel up there. Send me a msg via info@showreelarchive.com

with your reel, and some information about you, your clients and the music used in your reel.


Best regards and keep up the good work.



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I am a little bit sad since nobody replied to my post for critizism or constructive feedback.


Still I wanted to let you know that I'm working on the next step. From monday 21th of september I will be posting an interview with a motion graphic freelancer every week.

If your interested in enlisting, send me an email via info@showreelarchive.com




Best regards



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Guest Sao_Bento

Thanks , can you please move my thread?

It wasn't really a suggestion that your thread was in the wrong place, just a hint at why you might not be getting a huge response to yet another repository of people's reels. In addition to our own Showcase and Reels and Portfolios section, there's xplsv.tv, motionserved.com, motionspire.com, and a couple of hundred other places.

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