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Strange Mograph Cache Problem

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Hello All,

I have come across a strange thing which I cannot seem to explain.


I have a scene in which I am emitting particles from a standard emitter and attaching rigid body mograph objects to them using a matrix object.

Everything appears to be fine and the mograph dynamics cache nicely-

But when it comes to redering... the particles are suddenly in a comepletly wrong place!

I have tried and tried to rectify the situation but to no avail,

If anyone could have a look that would be fantastic.

This is what the cached scene looks like in the viewport (correct)




And this is what The Render (of the exact same frame) looks like (WRONG)




You can find the project file here


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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I did that same test with a glass ball and emmiter! http://vimeo.com/6549043


I've also ran into weird issues with the cache, might even have been with that one and I rendered without caching...

could it be something to do with normals? try making the sphere editable and reverse the normals so the surfaces you need to react are pointing inwards?


If anyone could shed more knowledgeable light I'd also be grateful

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