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how to create a triangle pyramid in Cinema4D ?

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Hi all,


I've tried all day to make a pyramid in Cinema4D, but with no success...

the standard pyramid object is not what i'm looking for, because the bottom side is a square polygon.

what i want is an ALL TRIANGLE SIDED pyramid, and all sides are identical, with the pivot exactly in the center of the object.

after that, i want to intrude each side so that each sides goes inward.

this is how far i have made, but it's all wrong:




I know there must be a simple way to do it.. but i just can't figure out how,

so pls if anybody knows a better way, i appreciate your help.


also, intrude inwards has been a big problem in cinema4D,

in Maya i could easily intrude inwards on global axis and object axis, while in Cinema4d I don't know how to intrude on global axis. I've tried everything i can think of...


Thanks in advance!!



ps. would like to know the steps too.

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Platonic object > tetrahedron

you can use the polygon primitive object with triangle checked in its object properties (if i remember correctly), then make it editable, extrude it up then collapse/merge the points at the top together.




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ahhh!!! unbelievable.... so simple!

but now comes another problem..

when I extrude, the sides go along with their original rotation?



how to extrude/intrude so that they go with the global axis instead?


thanks thanks!

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