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Zbrush Displacement map problems

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Hey guys,

Ive UV unwrapped a squid model im working on and once I bring back my displacement map from zbrush im getting weird stretching. Heres what im doing:


- unwrap model

- export obj

- import to zbrush

- morph target

- divide 4 and apply rough alpha texture on the area i want to test

- back to div 1 and switch my morph target

- create displacement map

- back into cinema 4D


Any tips? The only thing I can think of is I screwed up my UV's yet Ive re unwrapped 4 times and I still get the same results. Thanks,


download the source files here:

My link



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I'm not in front of my system right now to test this, but a few things come to mind:


Make sure your texture isn't upside-down. This is common when going manually from zBrush to C4D. (and by manually I mean not using go zBrush.) You can invert the UV's in zBrush, Bodypaint or just flip the texture in photoshop.


Keep an eye out for overlapping UV's or UV's going outside the texture area.


Do a test in zBrush with AUV tiles. This will tell you if there's a problem with your UV's.


And finally my strongest suggestion is to get the Go Z plugin. It's free and it will make your life a lot easier.


Hope that helps,



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