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"Money for Masking and the Pics for Free" by QubaHQ

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Hello everyone,


I know I don't post here awfully often, but I think this one may be of some interest to the Mograph community (as well as to designers and artists of other disciplines.)


I was working on a project today and needed to create alpha channels for way too many stock images. It got me thinking - how could the stock image sites update the way they distribute photography to benefit from the collaborative spirit of today's Internet.


I summarized my ideas in an article entitled "Money for Masking and the Pics for Free" and published it on my blog.


Here is an except from the introduction:


Masking, matting, rotoscoping, keying… you name it – not exactly the favorite task for most designers, yet a necessary one. But does it have to be? In this article I would like to propose a solution that could potentially free the artists from the labor of building alpha channels for their images, earn freelancers some money and help the big stock providers expand their offering.


If you find the above intriguing enough, the full article can be found here: http://qubahq.com/2010/01/money-for-masking-and-the-pics-for-free/


Let me know what you think of the idea, if you like it, forward it further and so... (I would also appreciate if you could drop me your comments on the blog, underneath the article. I am really curious to see what do people think of it.



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