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Mograph Bend Deform

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Hi Guys,


I'm wondering if its possible to deform cloner objects using Mograph. I'm trying to peel hundreds of planes off of a surface in various sequential orders but would like them to peel off in a convincing manner as opposed to simply rotate.


Here's the scene file of where i'm currently at using mograph: http://www.juniortaxi@juniortaxi.net/files/c4d/peeling_paper.zip


I've also tried using a quick expresso setup to bend the planes in accordance to the distance from a null. This works fine, however when the plane is placed inside a cloner the instances use the original planes position to calculate the distance from the null as opposed to referencing its own position. This means all the planes peel at the same time instead of sequentially!!


Has anyone got any ideas? I'd be forever grateful!!





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Its been pointed out in a couple of other forums that i just needed to animate the the plane, place in inside a cloner and then using any mograph effector I can set the Time Offset attribute to sequentially animate my clones. Pretty simple really, I can't believe I've never used Time Offset before. It's so handy!!


anyway, thanks for taking the time to read...





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