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London (See No Evil) Mograph / Animation event

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Hi Gang,


Time really flies doesn't it? It seems like only yesterday since we opened the doors to our first show! We are rapidly approaching our

first anniversary show and boy do we have something special lined up for you lot! To celebrate we have not one, but two speakers coming

down to share their tales.





Hailing from London's very own Not To Scale come the award winning director team Ubik (aka Nick Losse and Steve

Dalton). Working with the likes of Ogilvy, Grey London, Wieden + Kennedy, BBH, Ubik have created commercials for The Observer, MTV as

well as winning the much coveted British Television Advertising Craft Award for best Best Animation.




Man vs Machine


Founded in early 2007 by Mike Alderson and Tim Swift, ManvsMachine has evolved into a multi-disciplinary and multi-national team of creative

minds working with an eclectic range of clients, from international TV networks to the local record shop. Man vs Machines work has gained global

acclaim, regularly featuring in Global DVD magazine Stash and design festivals, in 2009 their brand film for architecture firm Space was selected

as a world showcasepiece for the BDA Promax conference in New York.






With the recent announcement of Adobe Creative Suite 5, the kind folk at Adobe thought they'd come down and show us all the lovely new

features we'll inevitably be using in the not too distant future.




We have one brand spanking new copy of Adobe After Effects CS5 to give away to one lucky person courtesy of Adobe!!

We have a whole host of goodies from the lovely people at Stash Magazine to give away.



Pretty damn awesome birthday special I'm sure you'll agree.



See you there!


*Get our poster on our website and also check out the Stash DVD discount for See No Evil on the our website







See No Evil Team







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Morning Everyone,


It is a lovely sunny day in London so it can mean only one thing... ... get out and enjoy it!

So, I want to do a quick reminder for See No Evil event tonight. Yes, it is tonight!


It is our 1st Anniversary with Ubik, Man vs Machine, Adobe and a lot more surprises.


Come down tonight to celebrate our 1st anniversary, see all the amazing presentations and get the chance to win a copy of the newly released Adobe After Effects CS5 courtesy of Adobe.

Also, we have a whole host of goodies from the lovely people at Stash Magazine to give away and... you will need to come down to know ;)




Bar Kick

127 Shoreditch High Street.

From 7pm - Talk Starts at 7:30pm



Check Out our Interview with Motionographer at:







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