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DeGamma 0.35 Released

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The Third Party is pleased to announce the release of DeGamma 0.35


DeGamma 0.35 includes numerous improvements and bugfixes.


It has several new features including several new colorspaces for the DeGamma Linear Color Workflow system including Smoothed and ToneMapped.


The LCW system has been enabled for working with Texture Baking (conversion to Linear Space only).


A whole new "Smear" post effect plugin designed for creating chromanent blurs and distortions for artistic effect and for simulating Lens abberations.




In addition to these new features the Fishy Distorter effect has been given my new Stereoscopic algorithm designed to allow Stereoscopic effects on distorted images up to and including full 360 degree cyclical panoramas and improved visioning at peripheral angles and positions, allowing composition of effect outside of the very center of the view. This is not easily achievable through traditional methods, and is an effect I have not seen available anywhere else at this point (a paper is forthcoming on the process used, for those that require explicit information on the algorithms for matching within their own pipelines), control is given for separation, with convergence/focal distance controlled via the Camera's own depth controls.




A couple of examples of the effect achieved.




And no CG release can be complete without some chrome spheres on checkerboard planes!




DeGamma 0.35 is available for download immediately.


For more information or to purchase please see : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/degamma

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