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C4D Mograph and TP Question

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Tracer Limit and Thinking Particles Life

problems with the spline going back to the source after the particle is dead

Here is the file.

http://lilsmokie.com/posts/particle fun.c4d

You can see the problems with the spline.


Basically I want a particle with a tracer but I want the particle to die and the tracer to fade away.


Whats happening now is that the spline stays put for awhile after the particle die and the shoots back to the source.

It is as if the particle is being recycled and the tracer is trying to catch up with it when it pops up in a new place.


Anyone have suggestions?

Thank for reading.


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Man, im still figuring out whats wrong. Im not a expert, but im trying here.


I manage to almost get the trail like u want with a freeze node. With that the trail ends, but still remain a dot.


If i have any news, i'll post it here. Sorry for the poor english.

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I like it.

So the trick is to make it so the particle never dies. But slows at a specified distance.

Thanks for your help!


i think is that! if u have problems with tracer tracing particles that does not exist, try changing the group of the particles that "faded out" to another so that tracer stop tracing them.

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