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MG Fest San Francisco

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Anyone attending this?


I signed up, but the schedule changed from 2 days to 3, and I never got an email alerting me. There is no venue for the event either and it's 4 weeks away.


I'm trying to make travel/hotel plans and I'm getting the feeling the organizers aren't on top of things. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.

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This is the Motion Graphics Festival's first year in San Francisco. Each year MGFest picks cities to add to the growing National Tour and persists to expand upon the foundation built during these first year events. San Fran has provided an interesting minefield of detours to navigate through. Our original screening/workshop venue partner and sponsor confirmed agreements to then last momently cancel the venue availability due to a faulty air conditioner and a decrease in bandwidth & manpower.


These things happen and we definitely expect many more surprises to test our intentions.


We truly customize the MGFest program in each and every city based on the local people and organizations that get involved.


MGFest has always happened and has yet to cancel due to unforeseen motions. We just re: adjust, adapt, and further seek better paths. Those involved with organizing MGFest devote much time and focus to making these events momentous and real.



We're very happy to say that MGFest San Fran will now be more amazing than originally planned.

Many Thanks to the new venue partners ( Bay Area Video Coalition and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts ) and their devotion to art, education and conscious communication.


Looking Forward!



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