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Thinking Particles question...

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I'm having a few problems using Thinking Particles, with the TP presets (which are very good). I hardly know anything about expresso, which is why I'm bolting together the presets but I've come unstuck.




I have a couple of emitters in different particle groups. Both emitters are the multishape emitters. I've parented it all under a null in the hope I can attach it to an object in my scene- but when I keyframe the parent null only one of the emitters moves with it, the other is stuck in it's original position.


Like I say, I've got a very limited knowledge of expresso, but if anyone can give me any pointers on how I can get both emitters moving under the null I'd be very happy.






I think I figured it out... but there's probably a better way to do it. I parented each emitter and 'effector' to a null in their expresso tags.




Sorry, seems obvious now....

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