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Finally! Timotej Neonski the Reel!

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I love the way you start it with the Neons and the broken column and the combination of reds and greys.

In my opinion some of the pieces need a little more work in terms of design, for example the green branches with leaves growing, there is s sort of a lack of work in background and lighting, it is sort of "plain". That happens in many of the pieces, like for example the logo "policijska patrola", that needs something else, like texture, or sparkles, or I don't know. Also an example of this is the "TEATAR & TD" bit, that is a harsh combination of colors but also there is no texture, no depth. I think in general there is more work to be done in the relation between the foreground and the background.

You should also check your camera movements that are a little stiff and simple, it's like they don't flow well. Like for exampe in the bit that says "Xmen 3" the movement is like tac, tac, tac, if you know what I mean. It's not that you can't have sudden camera movements, but they have to be well executed. The ACTION claquet for example is like stiff and plain, I think for that to be powerful there has to be more drama, like change in lighting, more camera movement, I don't know, it's endless what you can do.

I like the collage stuff, the elephant and the fish parts, the guy with the horns, the notebook, etc. I also think the people producing light with their hands is really well achieved and is strong in this reel.

Some of the parts are cut too short also in mid-movement, specially when the music starts getting more lively after the akcija, it's like, "oh let's see this" "oops" "oh well then we see this other one" "oops" and you don't get to see anything. I would like to catch a longer glimpse specially of the pieces where you use like plasma lights in the background, and light trails, those are interesting.

I think you have a wide set of skills, I think you managed to put them to good use in the beginning and ending envelope, but that sense of good taste doesn't show in all of the pieces inside the reel.

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