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AFX Expression Problem

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Hey Guys,


I am trying to rig a character to animate in After Effects.

Basically, I have all my layers parent in a PreComp. The main comp has the PreComp plus a Null layer using Expression Effects to rotate and position each layer, so I don't end up with a lot layers and just 3 to control the whole body.


Sliders to control x or y working fine, Rotations working fine, my only proble is when I use "point" to control x and y in the same effect.

I moved the point effect in the Comp where I want it to have and then I am adding this expression "value + comp("Mom 2D RIG 2").layer("Eye Control").effect("L Eye")("Point");" on the position of the layer in my PreComp. But as soon as I add it the layer moves. I want it stay in the same place and just move when I move the point effect.

Is it make sense?

Any help will be much appreciate.


thanks guys.

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Thanks Mylenium, it helped! ;)

It is just weird as the slider effect doesn't give this problem, but I sorted out with "(value - [36.5, -1]) + (comp("Mom 2D RIG 2").layer("Eye Control").effect("L Eye")("Point"));"



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