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3D animation BA in London

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Hi everybody.

I'm new around here so let me introduce myself (i'm a man of will and taste...hahahaha sorry, couldn't help to write it... Love STONES)

Anyway, I'm working with After Effects for a while now and I'm really wanting to catch the 3D train, if you know what I mean...

My plans are to move to London and attend some bachelor 3D course. I don't have a BA yet, although I studied business for 2 years just to realize that wasn't for me.

Now, I decided to go for something really exciting. I love movies and the best movie of all time for me is Terminator 2. You get the picture, right? I'm obsessed with visual effects and working with it seems to be the perfect combination of business and pleasure.

Now, I just have to find the best undergraduate 3D animation course. I'm sure that someone here know all about it.

Any suggestion would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.



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