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Getting started in the motion design industry

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Greetings everyone!


I'm hoping you may be able to offer some advice.


I am currently a young professional that has been in the video industry for about a year. My coursework in college all revolved around shooting/final cut pro, but I have a strong desire to learn motion graphic animation. I am currently working full time as an editor at a PR agency, and they have offered to help pay for further education/training. But the truth is, I'm not sure where to start looking...


I'd still need to work full-time, so I'd either need to try and find an arts school to attend part time, or I can do individual training courses from certified trainers in the area. I have watched a TON of tutorials on lynda.com, but I'd really love to enhance my skill set even further. Where do you think I'd get the best education? Should I go for another degree?


Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. I am currently living in the Chicago area, but do have the budget to fly out somewhere for the right opportunities.


Also, any info on how you got started in the industry would be appreciate as well!




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Before you learn the tools you really need a solid foundation in typography and design. Certainly learning the tools is important too, but you can learn that along the way.



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