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Shapes in Motion

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I haven`t posted for some time, since I was a bit away from motion graphics:)

This is a short animation, exploring some techniques I wanted to try. I hope you like it,

sound is coming too.
















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you shouldn't stay away from motion graphics



I couldn't have said it better.


This is an amazing piece. The colors and the seamless transitions between scenes are terrific.


Definitely glad you picked up the old tools and created this. Very inspiring!



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Thanks a lot guys, appreciate the good words.

A sound designer is working on the animation, so I will post update with sound as soon as I can.

Will see how will go my moving to Berlin and if there is work for motion designers:)

If not - average quality web design is always there to pay the bills :)

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can i just say how bullshit it is for web and graphic designers to be paid equally/more than motion designers? It basically forces talented people like zka to pump out boring layout designs for realty companies all day just to pay the bills...not trying to put down w/e work you may have done btw, just saying its bullshit that this kind of work seems to be so underappreciated in the 'real world'

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