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1958 Motion Graphics

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Just watched this in my art history class and its very interesting especially being from 1958.


"There is much information to understand the complexity of this giant project which was the first electronic-spatial environment to combine architecture, film, light and music to a total experience made to functions in time and space."


I wont pretend to know the first thing about this piece but if you would like to know more check this link out:




Pretty interesting stuff.

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Len Lye is great, he was one of the first to use this technique of animating directly into the film strips. Norman McLaren also used this technique, but he also did that with sound in

, he painted (literally) on the soundtracks on the sides of the film and then used the forms he drew in the as a visual output to the music he "drew" and made an animation out of it. Other nice pieces by him using some of theese techniques



Oskar Fischinger did great stuff too, i searched for "Komposition in Blau" in youtube but didn't find it to put a link here.


And from the REEEEAL early ones, i like a lot Anemic Cinema (1926) by Marcel Duchamp

(mute this one, someone just inserted a terrible sound track to it), kind of "simple", technically, but i don't know of anyone else trying to work with text in motion so early.

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