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From Cinema4D to ........ ???

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I've been using cinema4D since the last few years, and actually I'm extremely happy with almost everything it has. However, as most of you know, cinema4D is very weak for particles and simulations.


I've been in love with Softimage ICE since I saw it, and I always wanted to learn XSI just because of that platform.. BUT, do you think it would be a good swap for me (from cinema4D to Softimage) ? I mostly use 3D for motiongrapgics, but I need simulations and particles as well. Thinking particles (in cinema4D) is not enough to me.


I also would like to ask about simulations. Quite unexpectedly, when I search for any cloth tutorials for XSI, there is almost none ! That really seems weird, and makes me ask this question:

-is XSI good for cloth simulations ?

Or a secondary question

-which platform is the best for cloth ? I'm hearing a lot about maya but.. what about max ? How would you order them from the bet to the worst ? And why ?


Also one final thing. I've used max (way before I started using cinema4D) and I'm quite familiar with the interface, frankly, I hate it. BUT when it comes to texhnical solutions, I guess I can stand it if it can handle my needs.. So, the question about max is:

is there any way to control objects (as well as particles) in max with a programmable interface ? (like ice or xpresso in cinema4D)



Also, MOGRAPH.. I'm guessing there is no alternative for that in all those programs to create rich and easy moving elements in all those programs... I just cant imagine what I can do without it.. I will be happy if you can talk about possible solutions instead of keyframing everything manually !



Dynamism is what I need !

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I've recently switched from Softimage to C4D. SI is a great program, especially ICE is nice, however there are some issues going on with Mental Ray (Softimage's default renderer). Head over to any SI forum, at least half of the people really hates MR and there is reason for that. I'm not sure about max or maya's mental ray integration, but people are saying it's much better than in Si.


On the good side, ICE is really powerful (I wish I could do things like that in xpresso). If you learn it, you can do almost anything, but be warned, you have to get involved in serious 3d math for complex effects. You can also make your own mograph-like tools and replicate Cinema's functions (however by default it doesn't provide anything like that). There are some tutorials on Digital Tutors free section about replicating the Mograph cloner in ICE.


I can't comment on cloth, but I've seen some Ice modules for cloth simulation.


Generally I find Cinema better for jobs with tight deadlines. If you are not afraid about getting into ICE and hardcore 3d math stuff maybe it's worth a try. But to get to the level using it for production, I think it's a very big time investment.

CmiVfx has some good Ice tutorials, it worth checking them out.


Hope I could help...

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