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Valerycka Rizzo

New Reel - Valerycka Rizzo

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Looks nice, but I'd cut it down to 30 seconds. That's what I plan to do with my 2011 reel. 30 seconds is the new minute, lol.


I have to disagree with this. The 30 second mark is good for students and those who do not have enough content to fill a minute but I watched this straight through and enjoyed every second of it. I know we live in a fast paced world so the shorter the better but if you can fill a minute with good content then by all means fill that minute.


We work in a time-based medium, if the standard for reels keeps this up before you know it the new standard will be 20 then 10 second reels. There is only so much information you can convey in these amounts of time and I think a well constructed minute long reel is perfect. Short enough to not waste your time and long enough to convey breadth and quality of work. (end rant)


To get back on topic, great reel. I really enjoyed it.

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