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Awards Show Animations

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I like the surreal look you have going with the color and lighting. It's got appeal.

What I think you really could work on is the animation. You may be able to add a lot of life to these if you take the physics of this into account. A quick win would be to add some camera shake on the impacts of the words. You could also sell this more if the words didn't just plop straight down into the dirt and stop on a dime. Perhaps the words come down at a slight angle and when they hit the ground, different letters come to rest at different times. Look at some video reference of falling objects hitting the ground (or make your own) to see what I mean in action.

The only other thing that got me was the angle and speed of the splashes and debris. I see what you're trying to do with the angled splashes but when the drops start coming back down it kills the believability to see the droplets moving back towards the point of impact. They should keep flying away from the point of impact. Also I would consider speeding them up. They were shot in slow motion to give you that option, but if you want the timing to match the impact of the words (not in slow motion), they've got to be faster.


Nice start, keep it up!

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