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Marc Z

The A-Z of mograph clichés

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A is for After Effects

B is for Blur, Bounce

C is for Color Correction Presets, Camera Shake, and Cel-Animation

D is for Depth Of Field (shallow)

E is for Extrusion

F is for Flame, Fire, fireballs, explosions,

G is for Gradients, Gotham Bold and

H is for Hand-drawn



K is for Kinetic Type

L is for lots and lots of Lensflares

M is for Motionographer



P is for Particles


R is for Reflections

S is for Shine








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Seems like there have been a lot of schematic/GUI style of animations. Also cutesy cartoony characters ( these characters that look like they could come from the same world) I'm not sure exactly what you would call them.



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F is for Floaties (DOF particles floating around Piers Morgan--becaause he's drifting through the blood stream)

T is for Timeremap (twitchity twitch)

V is for Vignette (dark oval mask-invert, feather, multiplied)

S is for Shaky (camera +parralax)


Would be more clever if it spelled something


(By the way, I LOVE all these things.)

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