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MIxing Xpresso with IK dynamics

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I have a simple, Xpresso driven rig, similiar to the one monkey shown on one of GSG's tutorials.

I want this rig to move with a bit of springiness, so I gave it IK tag with dynamics turned on. (i'm running c4d r12)

And now comes the tricky (at least for me) part.

There's a conflict between Xpresso and IK dynamics and I cant get these two to cooperate.

I'd be very thankful If anyone could help mi with this


here's the problematic scene

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since you're using IK you should animate the Position of your Goal with the User Data. ( User Data / Rotation / Range Mapper / Global Position Y)

The joints will follow the Goal, and the Dynamics will work as springy as you set it.



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